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16 March 2009 @ 06:41 pm
So, I wrote this before I wrote my last entry. But this post kind of belongs to my last one.

He's found himself to be in a bind.. One that he has very much doubt, a lack of faith; that he will get away from this.. A dilemma.. He realizes the problem is him being so self-absorbed.. Not caring for anyone else.. Though mystified by his feelings for her.. "Why her", He wonders.. It makes impossible sense.. His self-centered, egotistical, smart ass charm is what makes him lovable.. Or so he thought.. A dilemma between choosing himself or her.. A dilemma between choosing the soul mate or the lover...

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14 March 2009 @ 11:39 am
He walks into the crowded room.
Casually l
ooks around before making eye contact.
On the other side of the room, there she stands.
Leaning against the doorway, she looks back at him.
Without breaking the stare, he attempts to walk through the busy crowd.
Fifteen feet away from her.
He already sees the twinkle in her eyes, and gives her a soft smile.
Ten feet away.
The distant stare between them is getting closer.
Her bright green eyes glistening, and another gentle smile escapes him.
Feeling the tension.

Five feet away.
The stare is broken
as he looks over her left shoulder and his heart sinks deep inside him.
Without looking, he intimately brushes his hand against hers.
Walks past her with one quick look back.
Leaving her with tears in those bright green eyes he loves to stare into.
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10 March 2009 @ 02:32 pm
When you're stuck in a boring class or meeting, what's your favorite way to keep yourself entertained (or at least from falling asleep)?

I'm a writer. Not the "author-novel" writer definition. But the other one. =D
I love having the pen in my hand, and watching my words flow from my mind to paper through the different styling of penmanships I can have. I love that feeling...
It's.. AMORE! (italian for Love)
When a class/meeting is boring, that's what I usually do to keep myself from falling asleep.
I daydream every freakin' second of the day dudes!
and sometimes I get so much into it, I'd be having conversations with myself.. Yea.. Now I don't know if that's normal but.. It's Freaky!
anyways, back to subject..
yeah.. there's no more i have to say..
So i guess that's it then.
ha ha!
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23 February 2009 @ 06:41 pm
I keep thinking I'm guilty of something? I don't know of what. It's like the guilt of being a bad friend, the guilt of being a bad sister, the guilt of being a bad daughter. I'm constantly feel like I am being such a bad person. Constantly disappointing people of my actions and decisions. Though no one dare tells me if they're pissed at me. But they tell other people... Or just keep it to themselves..
Which is what I do too. ha ha. Everyone wants to avoid a confrontation.

I've realized something about myself.. I don't think I'm an easy person to be friends with.
Because i expect soo much from people, more than they can give. And, for some reason.. I feel like I need more of what they give me.
Isn't that sad?

I'm a clingy character. or I used to? I used to cling to people.
ugh.. once i realized i did that, i tried to completely change how i acted.
'cause i hated seeing other people being needy. I don't like needy.
and that's how i was acting.
isn't that terrible? to hate the people that are you? does that make sense?

now i feel like i disappoint my friends, my sister, for not being there for them now.
i never call.
i never visit.
in my eyes, i am a bad friend, a bad sister.
and it hurts, 'cause i don't know why i can't just call this person up and say "hi".

well, i'm done rambling tonight..
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27 January 2009 @ 03:23 am
Too many LJers to list have submitted this question—what is your biggest pet peeve?
People who like the normal things in life. and/or people who say normal things.
Does that make sense?
Like for example, people who say they hate drama, yet cause drama anyway. See me, I don't say I hate drama, I actually kind of like it. I don't go around causing any though... At least not DELIBERATELY... But SOOO many people constantly say, "Oh I hate drama, people still act like they're in high school, and duh duh duhduh"... and turn around and cause some shit.
Now I will admit, I do say from time to time, "why do people always cause drama that is for high school? if you're gonna cause drama, make it be about GUNS! OR DRUGS! you know, big people things"! LOL..
People just look at me like I'm coo-coo or something...
sheesh. people have no comedy in their life.......

Or how about all those people who like rap..
rap is boring!
boring boring boring BORING!
can you sense that I dislike rap?
it's too.. blahh!

Well, i do like r&b and hip/hop.
so yeah.

So anyways... back to mypetpeeve.
so what I'm saying make any sense at all?? 'cause I am TOTALLY confusing myself here..
all im doing is rambling on and on.

oh! and people always think something is wrong with someone. Like if you're being quiet, and not talking, OH MY GOD! what's wrong?
Nothing! I'm just sitting here thinking, thank you very much, you broke my damn concentration!

or when people think you're moping. why can't you just be in a certain mood? just leave me alone, and i'll be better the next day.
yeah now as I keep rambling along, i think my biggest pet peeve is when people don't leave me be. does that nake sense?
i sure hope so......

Well, im done rambling now.
see ya.
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it's because of you i am this way.. it's because of you i can't stop thinking about it.. it's because of you these fucked up images stay preserved in my mind, and I don't want them.. it's because of you i can't love.. it's because of you i can't show emotion without feeling pissed after wards.. my whole personality has been based on you.. my whole fucked up world revolves around you.. and i don't know how to disconnect myself from you.. i don't know if i truly want to be away from you.. it's because of you i am so dependent.. it's because of you i am more confused than I've ever been in my entire life..
it's because of you i am writing this hoping.. hoping for who knows what..
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Want to know what I like to hear when listening to music?
The singers voice.
I hate how music have beats and instruments that drown out the singer.
I think that's why I dislike a lot of rock music. Most of it is rocking out on the instruments.
Ugh, bugs the crap outta me!
I understand that a lot of people really like rock music, and love listening to rockers rocking it out and all that jazz.
But like I said, it can really drown out the singer.
I don't know why but listening to just guitar, bass guitar, and the drums throughout most of the song, and hardly hearing the singers, is...blahhh.

Same with Rap & HipHop music.
To me, rap songs are very very boring. They have no flair to them. But they have beats. That's what a lot of people like, they love dancing to those beats and what not. Which is no problem, but again, I think with out a singer, it's just blahhh...

A singer's voice to me, (a good singer) is like watching the hot sun go down in the summertime, after a
long day of running about outdoors. When the sun is still hot beating down on your face, and all you can do is smile.
Ha ha, does that make sense?

I love rock bands like Simple Plan, Good Charlotte, Boys Like Girls, Nickeback, and even The Exies who are actually what people would say "more rock" than the other bands. Even though they rock it out with their instruments, the singer(s) are still heard.

Some people would say that bands like Simple Plan isn't really "Rock & Roll". It's more "Pop Rock" or "Power Rock"? I dunno.
but that's what gets me. Music genres these days are soooo merge into one another that I don't think we should have so many categories of genres. I think we should just simply call it, "Music".

Well, that was my rambling for the night..
Or should I say morning. Guess it depends on where you're at, huh?
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16 December 2008 @ 12:09 am
What kind of dog (counting mixes and mutts) gets your vote as the champion of dogs?
Sheltie and Border Collie Mix!

This is the only picture I have on my computer.  =(

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15 December 2008 @ 11:49 pm
I was writing in my blogs in my myspace profile that I have.
Then I decided that I didn't like that very much.
Then I had decided to write at blogger.com....
Yeah, didn't really like that either.
So.. here I am, going to try out Livejournal.
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