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16 December 2008 @ 11:41 pm
What Do You Like to Hear When Listening to Music?  
Want to know what I like to hear when listening to music?
The singers voice.
I hate how music have beats and instruments that drown out the singer.
I think that's why I dislike a lot of rock music. Most of it is rocking out on the instruments.
Ugh, bugs the crap outta me!
I understand that a lot of people really like rock music, and love listening to rockers rocking it out and all that jazz.
But like I said, it can really drown out the singer.
I don't know why but listening to just guitar, bass guitar, and the drums throughout most of the song, and hardly hearing the singers, is...blahhh.

Same with Rap & HipHop music.
To me, rap songs are very very boring. They have no flair to them. But they have beats. That's what a lot of people like, they love dancing to those beats and what not. Which is no problem, but again, I think with out a singer, it's just blahhh...

A singer's voice to me, (a good singer) is like watching the hot sun go down in the summertime, after a
long day of running about outdoors. When the sun is still hot beating down on your face, and all you can do is smile.
Ha ha, does that make sense?

I love rock bands like Simple Plan, Good Charlotte, Boys Like Girls, Nickeback, and even The Exies who are actually what people would say "more rock" than the other bands. Even though they rock it out with their instruments, the singer(s) are still heard.

Some people would say that bands like Simple Plan isn't really "Rock & Roll". It's more "Pop Rock" or "Power Rock"? I dunno.
but that's what gets me. Music genres these days are soooo merge into one another that I don't think we should have so many categories of genres. I think we should just simply call it, "Music".

Well, that was my rambling for the night..
Or should I say morning. Guess it depends on where you're at, huh?
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mariposadediosmariposadedios on December 17th, 2008 06:53 am (UTC)
hehe. i like your rambles. I too like the singer more than the instruments - maybe it is because you and i like to sing?