Her Obsessions.

Her Addictions.

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alexz johnson, august rush, basketball, beenie hats, being alone, bones, boys like girls, carly phillips, chicago, coffee, darren hayes, daydreaming, deep-thinking, drawing, drew seeley, dvds, free willy, independent films, instant star, italy, movies, music, mysterious skin, new york, painting, photography, poetry, prison break, san francisco, simple plan, singing, smallville, snowboarding, the 90s, the twilight saga, tim rozon, typing, writing
I am a very random, silly, crazy, quiet, deep, loud girl. Ha ha. I have an obsession with the 90s. Oh how much I miss the 90s! The music, the clothing, the language, the television shows, |.sigh.| I miss everything.

I always have a new obsession.
I always have a new addiction.
An addiction is when you can't get enough of something.
An obsession is something that's always on your mind, and is taking control of your life!